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Types of Private Investigator Services

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There have been countless television shows and movies that revolve around private investigator services, leaving us all with an image about what situations might call for contacting a P.I. One could put their services into the classification of personal or business and discovery or prevention. The majority of private investigators don’t go around solving crimes in a glamorous fashion, but instead do a great deal of legwork and use technical investigative methods to get the answers you might need for yourself personally or for your business. Here are a few of the types of private investigator services you might avail yourself of:

  • Relationship Investigations– If you suspect a spouse or significant other is guilty of adultery or infidelity, it isn’t just important to know for sure so you can either have peace of mind that nothing is going on or learn the true colors of the one you are involved with. It can also be necessary to have proof to substantiate a legal action, such as divorce.

insurance companies to seek private investigator services

  • Employee Investigations– If you suspect that a current employee is being dishonest or you want a background check done for a potential new hire, these are investigations that a private investigator is in the best position to handle. If you do have an employee who is stealing from you, undermining your business, or is otherwise dishonest, you’ll need proof from a third party to substantiate your decision to fire them and/or seek criminal charges.
  • Insurance Investigations– There has been a surge in fraudulent insurance claims in the past few years, resulting in the need for insurance companies to seek private investigator services so that these claims can be denied with substantiation.
  • Location Tracking Investigations– Surveillance and GPS tracking are common private investigator services for a wide variety of situations.
  • Asset Recovery Investigations– A private investigator can be hired to help you locate stolen property or to locate an asset that needs to be repossessed due to loan default.

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