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Things to Consider When Hiring a Private Investigation Professional

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You could have a lot riding on the results of an investigation, so it only makes sense to take care when hiring a private investigation professional. You need to know that they’ll take your case seriously and give it the attention it needs to provide the proof you deserve. Here are a few things to consider as you choose the person or company that will seek the necessary information.

get a printed quote for their private investigation services

  • Meet Them- You can’t put your instincts about professionalism and reliability to work with just a phone call. Take the time to meet face-to-face so you can get a better feel for how seriously they are taking their private investigation business.
  • Don’t Judge By Price– Going with the lowest-priced private investigation professional is often a recipe for disaster. A low price can mean they don’t have confidence enough to charge the going rate, and a lack of confidence certainly isn’t what you need. It can also mean that they aren’t telling you about the add-on charges that will show up on your final invoice. Be sure to discuss all fees upfront and get a printed quote for their private investigation services.
  • Ask About Expertise– There are many different types of cases, and while one private investigation professional may have years of experience in one aspect, they may have very little in the type of case you need assistance with.
  • Licensing– Be certain the person you hire has the required license to handle the work you are asking of them. A private investigator license is required in most areas.

At Risk Management Development Group, we utilize Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research, GPS usage and analysis, and other tools for in-depth information checking and surveillance. In addition, we hold the following licenses:

Private Investigator # 5095 for Luke Pearman.
Private Investigator Associate #4317-PIA for Josh Holder, his employee.
Security Guard and Patrol License #1881-GP

If you would like to know more about our private investigation services, we welcome your call to schedule a face-to-face consultation. We are confident that you’ll see us as a reliable asset for closing your investigation in a timely manner.

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