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The Use of Open Source Intelligence in Penetration Testing

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Open source intelligence refers to information that is publicly available, and that is part of what is examined during penetration testing to identify potential weaknesses in your company’s networks. Every company should employ professionals with this expertise to identify vulnerabilities that are or could be actively exploited to the detriment of the company.

search engines using penetration testing tools

Penetration testing involves looking into such weaknesses as open ports, unsecured internet-connected devices, unpatched software, propriety code vulnerabilities, accidental leaks through social media, and other threat factors. Combing through open source information can provide insight into the most significant threats. It also enables sensitive information to be removed before it can be exploited by a threat actor.

With both passive collection and active collection techniques, as well as going beyond search engines using penetration testing tools, the goal is to identify insecure assets and take steps to keep them from becoming a threat to your business operations. Analyzing open source information such as metadata searches, code searches, image analysis, email searches, people and identity investigation, and more, open source intelligence tools can be exceptionally useful.

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