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Common Weaknesses Found in a Home Physical Security Audit

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It can be easy to be lulled into a false sense of security when most security products out there tout themselves as the only thing you need to have a safe and secure home. The reality is that unless you have the highly developed criminal mind of someone who likely knows your home’s vulnerabilities better than you do, it is best to have a home physical security audit completed by a professional. It might surprise you how many weaknesses they find in a typical home. Here are the most common things we look for and often find when completing a home physical security audit.

it is best to have a home physical security audit completed by a professional

  • Weak Door Frames– You could have the most secure locks on the market on your doors and even have a solid, high-security door, but if you have a weak door frame supporting a door, it won’t take much force to gain access to your home.
  • Exposed Hinges– If you have ever needed to take a door off its hinges to get something large moved into your home, you know how easy it is to take the pin out. If you have an out-swinging door with the hinges on the outside, it would take mere moments for an intruder to do the same.
  • Flimsy Locks– Having one great lock is a good thing, but if all your access doors – sliding doors included – do not have sufficient locking mechanisms, your home is only as secure as the weakest one. Factory-supplied lock hardware on windows, doors, and sliders is generally insufficient and should be augmented with a supplementary locking device.
  • Glass Paneled Doors– While a front door that has glass panels in it or next to it is beautiful, it makes your home extremely vulnerable as a criminal need only break the glass to reach in and unlock the door. This is also why glass in window wells isn’t a great idea. For windows that you must have, consider security window film to impede a criminal’s efforts.
  • Leaving Home Unlocked– You’d be surprised how many people leave one or more windows unlocked when they leave the house. A home physical security audit often finds this to be the case for second-story windows. Don’t forget – criminals own ladders too!
  • Excessive Landscaping– If your trees and shrubs conceal your home, they can also conceal the actions of a criminal, and that makes your home attractive to them.
  • Hiding Key Outside– There is no place that you can think to leave a key that an experienced criminal won’t also know about. Forget the fake rocks and other things – they’ve learned them all!
  • Garage Door Vulnerability– It might surprise you how easy it is to engage the emergency release mechanism on a garage door opener using nothing more than a stiff wire. This intrusion can be defeated by installing a shield or using a plastic zip tie.
  • Inadequate or Unused Alarm System– Older systems have far more vulnerabilities than newer ones, and neither will do you much good if you don’t use them consistently.

These are just a few of the vulnerabilities that we look for at Risk Management Development Group when we conduct a home physical security audit. If you want peace of mind that your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home is the veritable fortress than you believe it is and would like recommendations for resolving any weaknesses that might be present, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

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