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Is your home or business actually secure?

What would it take to make sure your home or business was really secure – an intrusion, theft, or damage to your property? Don’t wait until it’s too late – have our security division, Camel City Security, evaluate the physical security of your site and professionally determine what you can do to protect your assets, finances, interests, and peace of mind.

Security in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our highly trained security professionals can determine how easily a criminal could breach your commercial facility or private residence, identifying areas for improvement and outlining effective solutions during your thorough evaluation. On top of our proven approach and keen eye for security shortcomings, Camel City Security stands above the rest for the following reasons:

  • While other private security organizations may offer some type of physical security consulting, no other organization in Winston-Salem, North Carolina possesses the same training as our security professionals need to conduct the in-depth, comprehensive consultation packages we offer.
  • We strictly focus on the physical security features of your property as opposed to trying to take into account multiple aspects of security.
  • Our specific focus on physical security allows us to provide the most effective, sensible solutions for any home or commercial space.

Our private security firm doesn’t mess around – if we know it won’t work for your site, we won’t recommend it. Find out where your home or business is lacking in terms of its physical security to protect what’s most important to you. For more information about Camel City Security, our comprehensive consultation packages, or our processes, get in touch with us at Risk Management Development Group now.


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