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The Process Begins With Contacting Us! If You Need A Private Investigation Or Have Security Concerns, You Are In The Right Place.

Security Consulting

  • The process begins with a mutually signed Non-Disclosure Agreement between you and Camel City Security. Once we have the proper agreements signed, we conduct a scoping call with you. The purpose of the scoping call is to discuss your specific security concerns as well as find out more specific information about your property. We then provide an initial security survey to be completed by you, the Client.
  • After completing the scoping call and receiving the answers from the initial survey, Camel City Security will provide a Statement of Work outlining the Consulting work that we offer to conduct. After consultation, the Statement of Work may be changed to your specific needs, and when both parties agree, a final Statement of Work will be signed by both parties.
  • We will schedule time(s) to come to your property and conduct a highly in-depth Physical Security Analysis of your property and physical security features. After conducting a full scope, 360 degree Physical Security Analysis of your property, Camel City Security will provide a full, in-depth report on our findings. We will show you the best options to fix areas of security weakness, and proper steps to maintain your physical security moving forward.

Private Investigations

  • Contact us to schedule a confidential meeting to discuss your concerns and situation. Our Investigative Professionals will assess your situation and determine the best course of action. If Camel City Security is able to take your case, we will.
  • An initial contract has to be signed by the Client and Camel City Security. This contract has disclosures outlining necessary information regarding the Investigation. A retainer is required to begin the Private Investigation.
  • While working on your case, our Investigators will always maintain full contact with you and give you updates on your case. We also keep a very detailed record of all expenses and make it available to you at any time.
  • Upon completion of your Investigation, you will receive a full, signed Investigative Report with all of the information obtained and surveillance observed during the case.
  • We make ourselves available for any follow up with attorneys and courts, as needed.


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