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Josh Holder

Josh Holder grew up not far from our main hub of operation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in East Bend. After graduating from Oak Ridge Military Academy, he joined the U.S. Navy and served for eight years as a nuclear engineer. While he was stationed in Groton, Connecticut, he served in the Base Auxiliary Security Force as a member of the Base Police.

Josh is one of our primary associates and our current private investigator. He holds an NC Private Investigator Associated License in addition to special certifications in physical security intrusion. Josh’s experience within the Navy contributes to our goal to provide tactical, experience-based services to our clients. His approach is always straightforward, and the measures he implements consistently get effective results for our clients.

As part of his strategy, Josh looks for ways to apply up-to-date technology and tactics to any situation, allowing us to effectively blend into the environment for the most effective surveillance possible. Josh also acts as a valuable consultative member of our team, offering helpful, knowledgeable advice on security, social engineering, and investigative matters.

Josh plays an integral role in our operations at Risk Management Development Group, and his insights continue to benefit our clients. If you have any questions or want to know more about how Josh serves our clients, please contact us.

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